Volunteer Corner

Tierra Bella is almost upon us and... Yes! We're still hiring!

We need a cadre of 270 volunteers to ensure an excellent experience for the 1500 riders. To streamline the process, this year we've created a form that This will make it easier for the volunteer to know what they are signing up for. Please sign up as soon as possible--this makes it so much easier for the team captain to organize--and it saves you from getting emails from the Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers will receive a pair of Wooleater Tierra Bella socks made by Defeet. We are using the same volunteer T-shirt as last year. Please request a T-shirt only if want one and do not have one from last year.

We welcome volunteers at just about any time before the event, but volunteers must sign up by Feb. 27th in order to guarantee a T-shirt and socks in their requested size.

Last modified: March 21, 2019
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